Outfit Post: HOMESLICE

What’s up home slices!

I hope you enjoy my little pizza outfit here. So who knew that February 10th was National Pizza Day? I saw so many people eating pizza, and listening to people talk about pizza on the radio but didn’t even clue in…

I feel like I missed out on all the pizza deals, but that’s not going to stop me from riding the pizza bandwagon with this set from DevoWevo. 😉

Can I just say I love matching sets, they are so effortless but look so… put together? I think you get what I am trying to say here.

I scored this set from my girls who run a vintage shop; 1-800-HELL-NO  you can check their Instagram here.


Devowevo pizza set

Devowevo pizza set

Devowevo pizza set

Devowevo pizza set palm tree

Devowevo pizza set

Photos by my BAE: @Rouzbeh.Heydari.

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