How to Pin YouTube Videos

If you don’t already know Pinterest is a gold mine when it comes to bringing traffic to your website/ YouTube channel. When done right you can bring in thousands of views to your channel on autopilot.

Today I am going to be showing you three ways that you can pin your video to Pinterest.

1. Pin right from YouTube

The first method is to pin your video directly from YouTube. Once your video is published just click the share button under your video and click the Pinterest icon. If you are already logged in to your Pinterest account this will open up a new tab where you can select which board you would like to pin it to and you can change the pin description if you so choose. Your pin image will automatically be the same as your video’s thumbnail.

pin native from youtube

pinning video in pinterest

This is a fantastic way to pin your video because this way when people click on your pin in Pinterest to take a closer look your video will begin to auto play right inside Pinterest. This is a great way to gain more views on your video.

autoplay in pinterest


2. Create a vertical pin image with screenshots.

When you pin native from YouTube your pin will show up as a little horizontal image. However it is well know that vertical images tend to perform better on Pinterest. So it is worth while to take the time to create a vertical image for your video as well. You can do this by making a vertical version of your video thumbnail, or taking some screenshots from your video and stacking them on top of each other. You can see some examples of how I have done this;

vertical pin for video

vertical pin youtube

I like to include a little icon of the YouTube play button so that people know that its going to bring them to a video. You can also write your channel link at the bottom as a way of branding so people know right away that this will take them to your channel. What is different about uploading your video this way is that when people click your pin to follow through to the website it will open up YouTube itself in another window vs playing natively in Pinterest. Someone who makes really nice pins for her videos is Angela Lanter you can check out her Pinterest here.

3. Vertical pin that is text heavy.

Depending on the content of your video it might make sense to also create a pin that is more text dominant. I have tried this for some of my videos with good results. I will put the words “watch” or “video” in the description so that people are aware that this pin will lead them to a video. It is a good idea to play around with a variety of different pins for every video you make as different people will respond to different pins. Here is an example of one of my text dominant pins:

text heavy pin



  • There is no limit as to how many pins you can create for each video, try a few ways and see what works best.
  • When you create your YouTube thumbnail take the time to create a vertical version as well, get in to the habit of making a pin image for each video.
  • Pinning a video from YouTube will allow your video to auto play in Pinterest instead of opening up a new tab, it is possible the Pinterest algorithm will favour this, because you are staying on the Pinterest platform longer. See example below; these two pins link to the same video. The horizontal pin is pinned from YouTube which means it auto plays right in Pinterest, the vertical pin is an image the links to YouTube in a new tab. You can see the number in the bottom right corner, this shows how many people have engaged with your pin, this means at the least clicking on it to see the pin closer up. As you can see the horizontal image has 24 engagements and the vertical pin only has 7 engagements. So when it comes to this particular video you can see that people are engaging more with the pin that opens up in to a video directly in Pinterest. However this varies from video to video and pin to pin so it is worth while to experiment.

make up pin



fall makeup pin

I would also like to note that these pins have only been pinned to my personal YouTube video board not more than a week ago. I currently only have about 95 followers on Pinterest. Check out the analytics from this pin:

pin analytics

This pin has appeared 848 times on Pinterest. That means almost a thousand people just casually scrolling on Pinterest could have seen my pin on Pinterest and out of that number about 24 were interested enough to click on it for a closer look, 3 of those people actually clicked through to watch the video right on YouTube and 1 person was lovely enough to save it to one of their personal boards which exposes the pin to a whole new base of followers. Do you see the power of Pinterest? I am not even talking about anything fancy like group boards or pin schedulers, we will save that for another post. This was just me pinning my own video to my own board and it is already gaining a little bit of traction in not more than a week. Also it’s worth noting that it is currently January and this is a pin for fall makeup, so even though it is out of season it can still impact people and bring new eyes to old videos.


I’ll leave it here for now, please let me know if you have experimented with various ways to pin your YouTube videos and what you have found to be helpful or work best for you? Leave a comment below I’d genuinely love to hear what is working for you. xoxo




3 ways to pin a youtube video

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