How To Plan Your Goals So You Actually Achieve Them

Happy New Year!

It’s only January 16th when I am writing this, and usually the general consensus when looking back on the New Year is “omg time is flying by!!” but I mean…it’s only January 16th. Not that much time has passed by it’s only been two weeks really… So question is how many of you have actually stuck to your magical New Year’s resolutions you made two weeks ago?

It can be super hard to stick to your goals and resolutions if you don’t have a strategic plan in place. What is the statistic…something like 90% of people don’t keep their New Year’s resolution past the third week or something crazy? This is why I wanted to share with you the method I have started using to stay on track with my goals, hope it helps you too!

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The Strategy

So I took part in Melyssa Griffin’s Goals With Intention Challenge she had a few weeks ago. (If you don’t know who Melyssa is she is a super rad business coach you can check out her stuff here). Here were the main takeaways I found helpful:

  • Break up your yearly goals in to quarterly goals.

    So for example if you want to grow your blog and online presence you can choose to focus on Instagram for one quarter, YouTube for the second, Email Marketing for the third, and Pinterest for the fourth quarter of the year.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do the rest at the same time but having one core focus for the quarter will give you more focus. There are actually many studies that prove this to be very effective and that you are more likely to achieve a goal within a 3 month time frame (the length of one quarter of the year.)

  • Break up your quarterly goals in to projects. 

    So say you focus for the first quarter is to increase your income by $1000; now break up that up in to smaller projects. What do you need to do to increase your income; do you need to increase the size of your mailing list, apply for more affiliate programs, pitch to more brands? These are your projects.

  • Now break up those projects in to weekly and daily tasks.  

    If one of your projects is to pitch to more brands or clients to boost your income, figure out how many pitches you need to send per week/ per day. Now you have a clearer understanding of what are the daily tasks you need to be focusing on to get you closer to your goal of increasing your income for the quarter.

Of course you can apply this method to any aspect of your life, if you have fitness or health goals you can apply the same principles.

Now if you are anything like me I actually found all of this a little overwhelming. What if I don’t know what daily tasks I need to do until I get there?

Melyssa explained this strategy very nonchalantly and even said that in using this strategy she already knows what kind of tasks she will be focusing on during the 3rd week of February to bring her closer to her goal.

I could barely plan my goals a week in advance with out getting confused and losing focus, no wonder I wasn’t getting anything accomplished.

Sometimes breaking your huge monster goals in to daily tasks can be kind of intimidating….

Meet the Best Self Planner!

By fate of the universe I learned about this planner and it is literally everything I have been looking for in a planner.I have been gushing over this planner so I really wanted to share it with you guys. It breaks down the strategy mentioned above in to easy to use chunks and really allowed me to finally gain a clear vision on how exactly I will accomplish my goals.

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with planning and planners. I am literally the kind of person that will plan to plan… but then I never actually end up taking any action towards my goals. I have tried mannyyyyy different kinds of planners and I think I have finally found “the one” for me. To me it is a little mix of everything from the 5-minute journal, productivity planner with a little bit of space for a bullet journal vibe too. But with everything compact in to one journal…which is easier to carry around.

What’s cool about this journal it that it is already broken down in to one quarter or 13 weeks to be exact, which is approx 3 months. Yep that’s it. That means 4 best self journals a year if you want to do this for the whole year, they have a subscription plan and a limited edition year set as well that you can get if you want. This keeps you super narrowed down and focused on accomplishing that goal or goals you set out for yourself for the next 13 weeks.


Goal Setting

You start off by completing a 13-week roadmap for your goal. So essentially following the strategy we talked about above, taking your goal and breaking it down in to projects or progress goals and then breaking those down in to daily tasks. There is also a section to write why you want to do this why its important, you can refer back to this page when you need to regroup and remind yourself why you are doing this. I found this layout to be super helpful and it really gives you a clear understanding of what daily tasks you actually need to start working on.

goal setting spread

Daily Pages

Here is a look at the daily page, so both of these pages would be used for one day.


So starting on the left page you have room for a schedule from 6am-9pm, which is blocked by 30 min lines. I find this really helps when I am blocking out my pomodoros for the day (this is a productivity technique, if you are not familiar with it you must look it up.)

Dotted Grid

Then beside that you have a dotted grid similar to what you would have in a bullet journal, this is free space to use as you see fit. You could write your to-do list here or any notes you take through out the day. I use mine to write my daily affirmations and keep track of how many pomodoros it takes me to complete a task, and I write my to-do list here as well.

Morning/ Evening Gratitude

At the bottom of the two pages you will see one section for morning gratitude and one section for evening gratitude. Similar to the 5-minute journal, it really gives you that moment to reflect and train your brain to be more positive.

best self daily page

Your Goal

No moving on to the top of the right page; here you write your goal. This could be your goal for the day or you can write your 13 week end goal here to keep it top of mind.

Top Three Tasks for the Day

This is similar to the productivity planner; write down your top three tasks for today. Number one being the highest priority and possibly the hardest task, but if you got this done it would get you that much closer to your goal. Then work on your second and third priority tasks. These would be the “daily tasks” that bring you closer to completing your projects and therefore your 13 week goal. Be sure to really make these bite size and manageable, something that you could actually get done in a day. If you are not able to get it done in one day you need to break them down in to smaller tasks. Trust me it feels so good to cross these off at the end of the day!

Inspirational Quote

Here they include daily motivational quotes to keep you inspired.

Lessons Learned/Daily Wins

Lastly they include space for daily reflections; in this space you can write what lessons you learned today, what you could possibly improve on or do better. In the wins space you can write about what was awesome and what good things happened that day.

Weekly Reflection

Oh yes there is more! They also give you a space for weekly reflection which again keeps you really accountable to make sure what you are doing each week is moving you closer to your 13 week goal. I am in love with the habit tracker at the top, again this keeps you super accountable. For me I track things like my daily stretches, how often I post to YouTube/ Instagram, how often I weight train. It gives you a clear visual of what you are doing and really helps you stay on track and build those habits.

weekly reflection habit tracker


The planner is pretty pricey, but luckily they offer a PDF that you can print out and try to see if you like it before you commit. But if you do want to buy the planner you can click here.  Even if you don’t want to use this planner in particular I hope you found this post/ strategy helpful and maybe you got some ideas that you can use to keep yourself accountable and accomplish your New Year’s goals! Best of luck!

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