What I Wore at Burning Man

Hello Burner Babes!

In this post I am going to share with you a few of my favorite outfits I’ve worn at Burning Man the past two years that I have gone. As well as a few tips and tricks I have picked along the way to help you stay comfy and pack smart.

Burningman Couple Outfit

Burningman Outfit Costume

Outfit Details

Bodysuit – Ravewonderland

Sunglasses – Buffalo Exchange

Bag- Jungle Tribe

Boots – Dolls Kill

Bodysuits – I loved running around in bodysuits at the burn. The best thing about them is that they are so small and light to pack so you can bring a few with you and just call it an outfit. I got this body suit from Dolls Kill last year, I don’t think they still carry it but you can also get the same one here. I love that it has a hood you can put up when you want or leave it over your shoulders for extra coverage from the sun.

Boots – Get yourself some desert stompers. These boots are from a brand called Demonia , I recommend getting a size up if you get boots from this brand they seem to run very small, just based on my experience with these boots above. We got these boots brand new before the burn. I know they recommended to break in your shoes before hand, but we decided what better place to break in your boots then at Burning Man hahha. Those boots definitely came back looking like they lived a thousand lives after that trip. They treated us great though, very comfortable, just make sure to get really good gel inserts, like these.

Holster Bag – I got this bag on Etsy from this shop called Jungle Tribe, you can check out the bag here. I highly recommend this bag in general but it rocks at the burn. I bought it about 3 years ago with the intention of wearing it to Burning Man one day and here it is! The dust didn’t damage it at all, if you are worried about that just make sure your spray leather protector beforehand. You can also see that I tied a scarf on to it for just in case I need to throw in on over my mouth in the event of a surprise dust storm. I always recommend carrying around a scarf and/or a dust mask when leaving camp.

White Wednesday Burningman

Outfit Details

Playa Coat – Dolls Kill

Teddy – La Senza

Socks – American Apparel

Shoes – Dolls Kill

White Wednesday -Probably one of my favourite days of the week at Burning Man. You will find that there are a variety of theme days or events you can dress up for like White Wednesday or Tutu Tuesday. You of course don’t need to participate in every/any theme but it is something fun you can plan for, if you so choose. You can usually look up events happening at Burning Man beforehand on their app so you can know in advance if you should pack bunny ears for an event for example. I learned about White Wednesday during my first year, you wear white all Wednesday and night and then greet the Thursday morning sunrise at the Silent White Procession. I was told this symbolizes overcoming the mid-week hurdle and some sort of cleansing ceremony, hence the white, something like that. Both years Wednesday and then the Thursday morning sunrise have been very pivotal moments during my burn so I do recommend it.

Couple Burningman

I got my travel size parasol on eBay. 🙂

Burning Man Outfit

burning man outfit

burningman outfit

Outfit Details

Playa Coat – Dolls Kill

Top – Thrifted

Pants – KillStar

Shoes – Dolls Kill

Night to Day Outifts – Plan outfits that will keep you warm at night but with layers you can shed when it starts to get hot or vice versa, especially true if you plan on going out for the night with no real plan of coming back to your camp. Above is a night outfit I had that quickly became a day outfit when I took off my coat.

Burning Man night time outfit

Burning Man night time outfit

Outfit Details

Playa Coat – Dolls Kill

Catsuit – Black Milk

Leg Wraps – Dolls Kill

Shoes – Dolls Kill

Light Yourself Up- Plan some cute night time outfits that will keep you warm when the nights are cool but also keep you lit. I recommend just getting a bunch of light up accessories like a headband, leg wraps, light up coats/ hoods. Anything you can throw on top of what you are already wearing so that you can be seen in the dark.

burning man

burning man barbie

Be Comfortable – As fun as it is to dress up pack some simple “throw on” outfits as well, something you can just throw on in the morning when you are going to have breakfast with your camp and you are barely still alive, or something to just throw on for a quick potty trip. Things like flowy dresses, a big t-shirt, a bra and panty set, what ever is comfortable for you. It’s so nice to have something easy to slide in to when you are too hot to think. In this photo I just tied a scarf around myself, and in the other one I am just wearing a bathing suit set, super simple.

burning man couple

burning man dust storm

burning man sunrise

That’s about it for this post. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. xoxo Stay Dusty





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